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EMS Energy Management System

We analyze punctually the energy consumption and everything that is consuming electrical energy in your building, office, factory or school; with this information we continually implement energy saving systems with return on investment.


= We automate your systems to make them work with each other and make them more efficient obtaining more control, saving energy and preventing failures =


Savings in electrical energy consumption through the accurate measurement of everything connected to the electrical network.

Identifying the electrical consumption by work equipment, by office, by floor or by building to determine the cost.

Once the areas of opportunity are detected, a technical offer with a margin for savings is presented and implemented.

Our result: To use less energy while maintaining the quality of the service.


A continuous measurement system helps us to act immediately in every unnecessary waste of energy. It is common that companies without a continuous measurement want to save electrical energy and the first thing they do is to change their lightings to LED without really having a significant change, the reason being they never knew what their biggest energy expense was and they took a decision without fundaments, creating an expense rather than an investment.

Every system requires auditing because work and lifestyle are constantly changing so there will always be different ways to save more.

Decentralised system



Automation of equipment and engines.

We minimize generation costs and power transmission losses and eliminate line overloads.

Automatic timers for equipment and engines.

Efficient control of natural and artificial lighting.

Management for automatic on and off lighting hours.

Notifications for out of range systems.

Notifications for equipment or engines powered up out of schedule.

Notification for preventive maintenance to equipment and engines.

We identify the energy expenses for continuous improvement .


We offer multi-brand solutions with the purpose of taking the best out of each brand to deliver on the requirements of the project.

We do not force our clients to marry one single brand with its own protocol obligating them to always have to depend on it with expensive replacement parts and maintenance.

Our systems are decentralized, this way, we do not have to depend on a single brain that upon failure can take down the entire system.

Our projects have scalable growth potential, we can grow according to the needs and budgets. • We can implement our systems in already built places or during their construction.

The communication protocols of our systems are open and can communicate with 90% of the previously installed systems such as alarms, air-conditioning, lighting, elevators, access controls; this allows fast and low cost implementations.

Our services and equipment are insured for the total value of the project protecting our clients.




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