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An app for your whole house.

A smart home is one with the capacity of thinking, acting and notifying to make our life more comfortable, safe, efficient and fun.


Create the perfect atmosphere.

Combine lighting, air, music, curtains exactly the way you like it and save your scene to activate it whenever you want.


Personalize every profile.


Each person can have different scenes and privileges, this way every user can enjoy the system respecting the privacy of others.


Control any lighting in the house from anywhere you may be.


Press “Good Night” and turn off your whole house.

Incorporate timers so the exterior lighting turns on and your house can welcome you back from work.

Adjust the thermostat before you enter your house.


Close your curtains and lock your doors automatically by activating the alarm when you leave.

Activate timers so it appears like you are home when you are away on a trip.

Monitor every camera no matter where you are.

Save energy by turning off every light automatically when the rooms are not occupied.

Talk to the person knocking on your door even when you are not in your house.

Receive notifications whenever the temperature or humidity are too high or too low.


Listen to your favorite music in any room or in the whole house at different levels of volume

Watch your favorite concert or sports game in one or all of your TVs at the same time.

Press the button to watch movies and automatically everything will activate so you can enjoy.

Watch up to 9 video signals in a single screen.


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